PickUp & Drop Your Goods Via SocioTransit

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PickUp & Drop Your Goods Via SocioTransit


SocioTransit is a social networking service that matches people seeking traveller/ transporter to carry/ buy/ pick-up & drop any kind of goods from one place to another.

Travellers who are carrying/ transporting goods will get money when the service becomes fully-fledged on a chargeable basis for that particular transit; while the wanter/seeker (who needs goods to be transported) will be benefited from quicker transportation or lower courier/transportation charges.

Easy To Use:

All you need to do is just search who is coming from a place you want something, and request them to bring anything for you.

Use the search page to find a Traveller or needer/ wanter. Enter/ search the dates you need and browse by availability.

Message Traveller or needer/ wanter with any question through the onsite messaging system.

Get your itinerary details immediately upon other user’s confirmation of your request. Contact your Traveller to confirm arrival details.

After the trip is over, be sure to share your experience by leaving a review! Spread the word and help others to get anything they want, from anywhere in the world.

Best Part Is:

The traveller has 100% right to open the packet and see what is being transferred and inform SocioTransit in case of any discrepancy. Authorities shall be informed and the account of the person in doubt will be suspended permanently.

More at: http://www.sociotransit.com/home

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