Make Long-Term Energy Saving Decisions Via enAct

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Make Long-Term Energy Saving Decisions Via enAct


enACT offers homeowners free, reliable information on all their home energy upgrade options that save them money, so they can make more effective long-term energy decisions.

enACT also helps consumers find the best local service providers for their needs in a more efficient, easy and accessible manner with personalized energy savings plans. And very soon, the best local banks and funds that can offer zero-down financing.

How It Works:

enAct evaluate viable opportunities for a specific homeowner based on their actual energy history, and present all options clearly using the same investment criteria.

They access a homeowner’s energy data , real estate data, location, utility rate schedules and forecasts for their home, and factor in reliable predictions of clean energy technology performance once installed.

Using that combination, along with other sources of geospatial data, they can help homeowners decide what’s right for them through a personalized plan.

When a customer chooses specific providers, enACT tracks sales and service progress, obtains feedback from the customer, and ensures a successful experience for all. In 2014, enACT also plans to offer local financing options to home-owners.

Best Part Is:

enACT does not reveal private customer information to third parties, so customers can take their own time to decide on a purchase.

And, customers will never be cold-called. Once a customer chooses specific providers, only then is the customer’s information/identity given to the providers he or she has chosen.

Customers can schedule calls only with chosen service partners on the enACT platform. enACT audits service provider partners and aggregates consumer service feedback to them.

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