is the first digital verification network

By VisionwizTeam at March 21, 2014 | 10:10 am | Print is the first digital verification network is the first digital verification network that allows you to prove your group affiliations while you are online so you can access exclusive benefits.

Your consists of the unique e-mail and password combination that you chose while registering.

Once you verify your group affiliations, you will attach credentials to your account so you can use your unique e-mail and password logon to access exclusive benefits at any participating site.

How It Works:

Once you have verified your group affiliation, you will be able verify your affiliation with that group anywhere you see the corresponding group button on different websites.

For instance, if you verify your Military affiliation then you can logon anywhere you see Troop ID displayed on a website, or, if you verify your Student affiliation, then you can logon anywhere you see Student ID displayed on a website.

Please keep in mind that organizations may only serve certain segments of a group. For the military, this might mean that only Active Duty service members who have a will be able to access a particular benefit.

Best Part Is: uses bank grade security practices to protect your data.

The most important layer of security is the physical layer. Their servers are hosted in SSAE 16 validated data centers protected by armed security guards, surveillance equipment and state of the art access control technology.

Sensitive data on servers is tokenized and stored separately so that even if you were able to break through their access controls, you would be unable to access customer information.

They leverage an AES-256 data encryption solution with integrated key management utilized by many leading financial institutions.

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