Five Tools For Online Verification

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Five Tools For Online Verification



ThreatMetrix is a web fraud detection tool that do not require personally identifiable information.

The company’s ThreatMetrix Fraud Network tool helps online businesses verify new accounts, authorize payments and transactions and authenticate user logins in real-time without relying on personal information.


Honesty Online

Honesty Online is a leader in identity verification serving online markets such as Internet dating, social networking, online recruitment and e commerce.

Honesty Online has designed its products around what you want and expect.

They know that you would prefer to divulge as little personal information over the Internet as possible, so their proprietary technology is capable of authenticating your identity using only name, address and date-of-birth.


Phone Confirm is advanced automatic phone confirmation and phone number verification services. Works by automatically dialing an online end-user’s telephone number at the same time that same end-user is making a transaction on a website.

By responding to the website and the phone call prompt with a one-time personal identification number (PIN), randomly generated and presented via the web interface by service, an otherwise anonymous online end-user will be able to confirm that the person who received the phone call and the person who is interacting on the website are the same person.



Hundredpercent aims to solve the ever-growing issue of identity verification over the internet.

It aims to provide you Government ID verification with user presence.They can provide you valid payment source verification and date of birth certificates. reduces risk of getting duped by false information. By providing you most accurate information about particular person or company through exploring entire internet data source.

Once has verified you there is the opportunity for a whole host of new features and services at your disposal. Also, you can purchase repeat verification for other sites without the hassle of signing, scanning and sending documents.



The BeenVerified Identity and Credential Verification process is a patent pending system that starts by requiring all potential members to submit their credit card as part of the initial authentication process.

They utilize their patent pending process to verify your identity, validate your credentials, and then help you present them to the world. Their sign up and verification process takes less than 5 minute.


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