Delete All Info From Internet In One Click Via Abine

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Do you know companies and governments collect information about you both implicitly (through cookies, correlation, IP address, etc.)and explicitly (from web forms you submit)?

Do you feel helpless sometimes because you have tried many things to avoid such type of data stealing but you failed to do so?

Well, then you should use this new tool named “Abine”.

What Is Abine?

Using abine you can delete all personal info from internet in one click.


Abine is to help you to control the information websites have about you. Abine helps you manage all your accounts, passwords, and personal information online as you naturally use the Web.

Abine helps you to maintain control over all your personal info which is being scattered on internet.Abine also lets you choose to opt-out of intrusive behavioral advertising.

You can remember, organize, and update all your logins, passwords, signup forms, and even credit cards from one very fast, secure tool.

Easy To Use:

Abine runs inside your browser, where it can be used to securely remember your passwords, logins, and other information and auto-fill forms for you, making it much easier to use different logins and profiles at different sites. It stops advertisers from tracking you, keeps you private when you want to be, and organizes all your accounts automatically for you, every day.

Free Download:

Abine is a free browser add-on (for Firefox and IE) which you download, install.



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