Get Funding For Communities Via FundOurCommunity.Com

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Get Funding For Communities Via FundOurCommunity.Com

FundOurCommunity: is in the business of funding all things related to ‘Communities’ while investing in the growth of healthy and sustainable communities worldwide.

It helps anyone with an important and needed community project by creating awareness and support opportunities for the project so it can actually happen.

How It Works:

All projects must have a goal of raising money within a specified period of time (recommended between 1 and 60 days).

Meanwhile, the project owner has to engage his community to collect the money that is requested as pledges.

You may ask for funds to cover a whole project or funds for phases or pieces of a whole project.

When your campaign term is done or sooner, FundOurCommunity pays out to the Project Creator/Owner the collected funds minus 5%. WePay, PayPal and banks may add a processing fee that is outside of FundOurCommunity’s control.

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