Five Ways To Play Games Online

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Five Ways To Play Games Online

Five Ways To Play Games Online


Let’s Play

Let’s Play Please’s main goal is to help you to develop and maintain an emotional and social connection between kids and their family members through games & activities shared in the virtual space.

Let’s Play Please brings a great tool to catch the attention of your kids for more than just few seconds. Everybody involve in the video chat will enjoy that time and, more importantly, they will “connect”.

For using it, all you have to do is to go at virtual playroom and register for free then invite family and friends by email to join their web site or by account name if they already have an account with Let’s Play Please.




Tweet Land is the first set of videogames that plays with reality, making it different every time you play.
It can be played by tweeting.It means that your tweeting words can be turned into real playable games.

Every time someone in the world tweets something, his or her tweets could affect the gameplay of Tweet Land by triggering certain action-keywords.It could be a “car accident” in your racing game, it could be your hate-gun gets reloaded in the action game, it could be anything.




(Mudlark) are building ways to create entertaining games from the data we create and leave behind without noticing. With our mobile phones, smart cards, blogs, social networking, flickr-ing and twittering we are creating endless content and data trails as we journey through our lives.So,why not use these technology to our advantange?

Mudlark is creating a new game for all oyster cardholders to find and discover their city in very different way. It would help you to build communities with your fellow passengers to discover new routes and paths for your journey.

Mudlark’s new game(Chromaroma) is an online multiplayer game played out as you travel the city of London with your Oyster Card.

By using Oyster data ,they can show you your Tube travel, and every journey means you amass points, taking a few steps further along the way to owning London.




Raptr is a gaming platform where you can play games while chatting with friends. With Raptr you can see what your Xbox, PS3, Steam, and Xfire friends are playing.You can chat in between games across popular IM and gaming services. Not only that, you can also create a comprehensive gaming profile based on your games and achievements.

Once your Raptr username is created.It’s for lifetime. If your friend is already a Raptr user, you can simply search for them and add them from the search results. If they are not yet a Raptr user, you can invite them! Simply click ‘Find Friends’ or ‘Import Friends’ from under the ‘Friends’ button in the header.




Scvngr is a platform that lets individuals and institutions all across the world take their creativity, their ideas, their imagination and build it into sophisticated real-world mobile games, tours, alternate reality games and other interactive experiences that can be enjoyed from any mobile device on any carrier. And to do all of this quickly, easily and without needing any technical backing.


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