Empower Consumers To Check Your Brand’s Authenticity Via ScanTrust

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Empower Consumers To Check Your Brand’s Authenticity Via ScanTrust


ScanTrust proposes the world’s first purely SaaS-based solution to the problem of counterfeiting.

This allows any company to protect their brand, connect with consumers and collect market intelligence at an extremely competitive cost.

All registered users can access additional information on your product, provide highly valuable information on their consumption pattern, or engage in loyalty programs.

How It Works:

ScanTrust provides next generation secure graphics that offer strong protection to counterfeiting.

With secure graphics that can be managed through a digital workflow, printed with standard equipment and ink, and verified with current smartphones, ScanTrust’s unique identifiers can be checked with smartphones equipped with a dedicated app.

Unique identifiers include a secure graphical layer which does not affect their readability, but prevents them to be successfully copied: if a counterfeiter attempts to make a copy, it will be automatically detected when the product or document is checked.

Every scan generates real-time data that can be automatically forwarded to your ERP, or visualized on ScanTrust SaaS platform.

Best Part Is:

You can also add an additional layer with verify-once identifiers, readable with any mobile device.

More at:http://www.scantrust.com/home/

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