Check Your Tax Return From Your Smartphone

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Check Your Tax Return From Your Smartphone

Looking for some easy tool that can help you to check your tax return from your smartphone?

Not to worry anymore because IRS in US has just launched its service for mobile users(IRS2Go).


IRS2Go, a smartphone application that lets you interact with the IRS using your mobile device. IRS2Go reflects IRS’ commitment to help you get the information you need—whenever you need it, wherever you are.

You can also use IRS2Go to subscribe to filing season tax updates by entering your e-mail address to automatically get daily tax tips.

Easy To Use:

You can check the status of your federal income tax refund using IRS2Go. Simply enter your Social Security number, which will be masked and encrypted for security purposes, then select your filing status and enter the amount of your anticipated refund from your 2010 tax return.

If you e-file your return, you can check your refund status within a few days. If you file a paper tax return, you will need to wait three to four weeks to check your refund status because it takes longer to process a paper return.

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