BroadCast Social Media Conversation Via TomorrowishSocialTv

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BroadCast Social Media Conversation Via TomorrowishSocialTv

Tomorrowish Social TV:

Tomorrowish Social TV lets you capture, curate, and stream social media commentary about your broadcast. That conversation is archived and synchronized in time with the media.

When your content is viewed at a later date, your audience can engage in both the current conversation as well as what others have said about the moments that moved them.

Easy To Use:

Tomorrowish Social TV allows you to share what gets you going and join in on the conversation like nothing else.

Share your thoughts, and whenever a friend clicks on your comment, they’ll be taken to the moment in that digital media that inspired you share it.

When they add to the conversation, their friends also come back to that same moment – whether that’s two seconds, two days, or two years later.

Tomorrowish stores the conversations on our servers with long term storage and backups.

Corporate customers will have access to that content using our curation tools and stream player for the duration of any contract.

Best Part Is:

Comments are automatically curated for relevance based on the initial live conversation, and adjusts over time as the relevance does.

Tomorrowish Machine Curation also removes duplicate and similar posts, so you don’t see a thousand posts that sayGlee!!!! during every episode.

If you want to make sure a certain phrase, person, or keyword is included (or not), we can set that in advance, or you can manually override at any time.

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