6 Smashing Startups

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6 Smashing Startups

6 Smashing Startups



Buyvite Group Pay is a social payment company that allow people to pay each other, pay together or get paid back after a group purchase.



Apptopia is a new startup that aims to manage the entire apps process from start to completion.

Starting with recommending app valuation & connecting sellers with buyers. Concluding with escrow services, code review, and interfacing with Apple & Google on your behalf until the deal is done.

Apptopia would represent a shift in how people perceive mobile apps and would work as a broker to seel your mobile apps.



BookBrewer turns aspiring writers like you into money-making eBook authors in minutes. All you need to do is just add your content by typing or copying and pasting content into an online form, or feed your content in from your existing Web site (such as a blog), with the click of a button.

Arrange and edit your content as you wish, and within moments your content will be saved as an .ePub file — the format most eBook stores require before they can sell your book.

Set your own price, and BookBrewer can also assign an ISBN to your eBook and publish it into online eBook stores allowing people to purchase, download, and instantly read them on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and the Kindle.



Gauss is a new app that aims to help you discover who’s nearby and what you have in common; To discover the hidden connections to the people around you in realtime.



Getwear is a new startup that aims to help you design your own jeans as per your likes and dislikes.



Simplee aims to help you manage you and your family’s medical expenses so you always know what you owe and why.


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