5 Smart Collaboration Tools For Your Company

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5 Smart Collaboration Tools For Your Company

5 Smart Collaboration Tools For Your Company



Passenger is the leader in on-demand Customer Collaboration. Through Passenger-powered Customer Collaboration, companies gain insight, drive innovation and build advocacy.

Passenger combines leading community, collaboration and analytics technologies – into a single intuitive platform, delivered Software-as-a-Service. Passenger communities allow you to have online dialogues with your customers in a more controlled environment.

Passenger communities are a place for your customers to talk about your brand, and let them know that their voices are being heard.

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Central Desktop

Central Desktop is a social collaboration platform that helps you work together better by managing people, projects and documents in the cloud. Central Desktop centralizes all files, discussions, tasks, communications and more in one location so all information is accessible anywhere, at any time.

Key capabilities include: secure file-sharing and storage in the cloud, project management with milestones and tasks, document co-authoring and version control, discussion threads, forums, blogs, wikis, status updates, shared calendars, web conferencing, online spreadsheets/databases/diagrams, automated workflows and more.

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WizeHive is an online collaboration tool that lets you manage your activities and organize your life (or business) all in one integrated platform.

WizeHive’s collaboration platform allows groups to share conversations, notes, tasks, calendars, files, and other information in secure, private, workspaces. Information can be entered from within WizeHive or via email, Twitter, and mobile devices.

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Socialtext collaboration platform allows organizations of all sizes to collaborate faster, decide faster and change faster.

With Socialtext People, you get social networking deeply integrated with enterprise collaboration. Socialtext People connects work colleagues and gives them a full picture of each other. It gives them the context of the who, what, when, where and why of the others they are working with, building the level of trust they have in each other, and increasing teamwork and work quality.

Socialtext Signals provides social messaging connected with the enterprise collaboration platform. The social messaging occurs in the context of colleagues working towards common goals. Socialtext Signals amplifies, clarifies and complements other collaboration activities and provides a medium for fast and widespread information sharing.



PIEmatrix helps organizations reduce project risk with a very simple online collaboration platform that brings best practice process standards to all team members.

It will turn complex projects into smart, simple, dynamic processes that drive effectiveness.

It brings processes to the front line team members and helps them to execute tasks and collaborate around the world while providing management and governance, risk, and compliance solution.

They designed the best user interface possible to foster user adoption, and built features to provide both quick-wins and long-term value.
Their solution helps get everyone get on the same page, speak the same language, and use the best methods. The outcome is to stimulate excellence across the organization while reducing risk, therefore lowering cost.

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