5 Beta Startups For SignUp

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5 Beta Startups For SignUp

5 Beta Startups For SignUp



Guardingo transforms the WiFi that you already have at home in a security system by analysing the radio waves.

When a person enters in the house there are ripples in the radio waves which Guardingo can see and inform you about the movement at home.



EmailFinder is a new beta startup that aims to find you valid email which you can use for potential sales leads or cold emailing.

All you need to do is just provide them a name and organization domain to find out the valid email for you.



FillSkill is a new startup that aims to compare your skills against the in-demand skills within your career goal and show you which ones you are missing.


Contractor View

Contractor View provides software built specifically for the independent general contractor and home remodeler.

It allows contractors to manage their construction jobs, communicate with homeowners, and track project schedules.



Knowtify allows you to quickly & easily create the daily digest emails that keep your users engaged.


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