4 Upcoming Startups

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4 Upcoming Startups

4 Upcoming Startups



Eterni.me collects almost everything that you create during your lifetime, and processes this huge amount of information using complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Then it generates a virtual YOU, an avatar that emulates your personality and can interact with, and offer information and advice to your family and friends after you pass away.


The Percolate

The Percolate Employee app gives every employee an easier way to share your content

Employee lets brands publish content directly to employees’ phones — whether that number is in the dozens or thousands — with the full tracking, monitoring and oversight of Percolate’s Complete Content Marketing Platform.



WHOLEWORLDBAND is an audio visual recording studio and a new way for people around the world to make music together and share it.



UserStats is a new startup that aims to increase the number of site visitors( guaranteed) that will engage with your site and ‘convert’ into customers and users.


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