4 Upcoming Startups

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4 Upcoming Startups

4 Upcoming Startups



CredHive is a new cloud platform that aims to help you securely store your best work in your personal Career Cloud.

Your best work is securely hosted for the next time you might need it. When you are ready to change jobs, you’ll have all of your best samples & stories hosted beautifully live in the Hive.

Your work is never public. When you aren’t looking for a job, your work files are private and secure.

But when you are looking, only your Creds are visible, not your name, or email, just your Creds. And your Creds are now a beautiful resume for the modern age.



Current.ly is aim to help you follow the most important discussions, virals and memes happening right now on Twitter.


The Growth Network

The Growth Network matches you with startups in your industry so you can help each other grow faster.


Survicate is a new beta startup that automatically engage visitors in critical stages of buying process.

By using this startup you can analyze your visitors’ profiles, survey answers, call-to-action CTR or widgets’ influence on conversion rate and sales.


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