4 Interesting Startups To Explore

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4 Interesting Startups To Explore

4 Interesting Startups To Explore



Echobox is a new startup that aims to analyze your visitors and generates
actionable recommendations in real-time.



TapProject is a new apps that aims to provide clean water to children when they need via their smartphone.



FishHunter has come out with a new sonar device that can float, speak to mobile phones from 30 meters(80 ft) away (via Bluetooth), and so powerful it can track fish 30 meters (100 ft) below the surface.

FishHunter Sonar can be carried in your pocket or tackle box and used anywhere you want to fish – from off the dock, to on the boat, to on the river bank, FishHunter’s portability allows you to fish where and when you want.



TaskRabbit iPhone app would help you to get cold remedies from Walgreens delivered directly to your door.

Simply tap the Walgreens’ slice, select the nearest Walgreens store, enter the products needed and indicate a preferred delivery time. From there, simply select the TaskRabbit you’d like to work with and you’ll be on your way to feeling better.


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