4 Beta Startups For SignUp

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4 Beta Startups For SignUp

4 Beta Startups For SignUp


Hold on, stranger

Hold on, stranger! is a new beta startup that anticipates the exact moment your visitors are about to leave, so you can jump in and present a super targeted offer with an unparalleled, conversion pulling, attention.



StylePuzzle is a new startup that aims to provide you instant outfit recommendation tailored to specific occasion, local weather, recent fashion trends, and your preferences.

You can also train it to be smarter by rating the recommended outfits; it’s like Pandora for fashion! There is also personalized shopping guidance so you know what is really good for you to buy.


The Lean Brand

The Lean Brand is a book about brand innovation. It is optimized for disruptive brand-formation and is centered around experimentation, iteration, and the elimination of branding waste.

The Lean Brand provides a scalable framework for continuous cycles of development and improvement through validated learning and real customer development.

BookSkill.me is a new beta startup that aims to connect emerging authors with talented students, startups and service providers.


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