3 Smart Ways To Know Salary Of Your Peers

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3 Smart Ways To Know Salary Of Your Peers

3 Smart Ways To Know Salary Of Your Peers



Glassdoor.com is a career and workplace community where anyone can find and anonymously share real-time reviews, ratings and salary details about specific jobs for specific employers — all for free.

To sign up for an account, simply post an anonymous salary, company review, interview experience, or workplace photo of your own.

It only takes a few minutes to post, and you’ll get unlimited access to everything posted by the Glassdoor community.

Or if you’re not ready to post, simply create a Trial account to get access to everything for 1 month – hopefully that’s enough time to get the information you need to make your next career decision.

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Salary Base

SalaryBase allows people to calculate their true salary stats by sharing anonymous compensation information among employees. Its mission is to be the employees’ #1 free salary calculator based on genuine salary survey reports from real people.

SalaryBase aggregates the anonymous up-to-date salary data and share this knowledge back to you in a personal salary reports using their salary calculator.

For using it, all you have to do is just first enter your your job capacity profile and click to see your personal salary calculator report.

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Live Salary

LiveSalary is a free real-time salary comparison website that allows people to calculate their true market value by sharing anonymous remuneration data with other employees.

The site enables you to get accurate, real-time salary data based on information relevant to your specific situation such as your job title, location, gender, education and experience.

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