SmartThings Aims To Control All Devices From SmartPhone

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SmartThings Aims To Control All Devices From SmartPhone


SmartThings app is a new smart startup that aims to help you instantly connect to different sensors, locks, light switches, outlets, thermostats, and other compatible devices in your home.

These devices can then communicate with you and each other to offer you unlimited control over your different smart devices at home.

Its SmartThings Hub and family of devices offer everything you need to start experiencing a safer, smarter home.

Easy To Use:

All you need to do is just open the box, follow the on-screen instructions in their easy-to-use app, and you can begin using your smartphone like a remote to control your connected things in as little as 15 minutes.

The SmartThings SmartPower outlet is a pluggable and huggable outlet that can meter and control a standard, 3-prong, 120V US outlet.

Turn on or off lights, fans, or small appliances from your mobile device in response to motion (SmartSense Motion required), or on a schedule.

Use the SmartPower Outlet to turn off your child’s bedroom lights when it’s past his or her bedtime.

Or use the outlet to improve your home’s energy efficiency by monitoring an appliance’s power consumption and turning it off when it’s no longer needed.

The SmartPower Outlet also acts as a range extender for your ZigBee network and is intended for indoor use only.

Best Part Is:

Since SmartThings is compatible with hundreds of smart devices from a variety of manufacturers, once you have a SmartThings Hub and free app, you can add as many other popular smart devices as you want to create a fully connected home.

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