Six Smart Ways To Use Your iPhone

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Six Smart Ways To Use Your  iPhone

Six Smart Ways To Use Your iPhone


iPhone as Safety Watcher

Use your iPhone app as a safety watcher. How?

Through Bluelight.Why?Bluelight would help you to stay safe, while maintaining privacy and independence.

Bluelight is an iPhone app that notifies your friends and family when you don’t arrive at your destination as planned, maintaining both privacy and safety.

Just inform the Bluelight how much time you need to get to your destination and designate a contact (a friend or family member from your address book).

When you arrive at your destination, check in with Bluelight, and your contact won’t be bothered. If you don’t check in, Bluelight will send a text message or email to your contact with your most recent location (GPS coordinates plotted on a map). Your contact will then know to reach out to you to make sure everything is okay.


iPhone based missile launcing apps

iPhone based missile launcing apps ( C² Patriot ) allow soldier to train any time, any place, and can provide access to critical information in the field.

The C² Patriot Missile mobile app was developed using the Unity 3D game development platform.The U.S. Army selected C² to develop a series of seven mobile apps for training Patriot missile crews.



Now you can use your iphone as remote control device.How?Through Gear4iphone apps.

Gear4 is bringing out new iphone based product (named Universal Remote) which can be used for all remote control purpose.

Using this universal remote you can replace all your remotes with your iPhone .It supports all devices with IR remotes. No need to plug anything into your iPhone, simply walk into the room and use it.

Simply place the UnityRemote in your room, download the UnityApp and follow the set-up assistant. Use swipe gestures to control volume and channels.


Quest Visual

Now you can use your iphone for any translation.How? Via Quest Visual.

Quest visual’s application (World Lense) can translate any language on the spot for you just by using your iphone.

Quest visual can instantly translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera, in real time!
At present World Lens is compatiable with iPhone 4, and iPod Touch with camera and iPhone 3GS.



Kuobachi aims to take care of your plants via your iphone.

Koubachi tells you exactly what to do so that your plants grow faster, live longer and bloom more often (all through your iphone).


Koubachi reminds you (& notifies) you via its apps ( smart plant care engine) on your smartphone when it’s time to water your plant or when is time to give fertilizer to your plants or when to mist the leaves etc.



Gigwalk would assign you to do small tasks via iphone, in the form of gig (which is provided by different companies who have registered with Gigwalk). Gigwalk clients range from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses.

In other words,Gigwalk turns your iPhones into extra income making tools.It instantly connects businesses to the talented Gigwalker community workforce to do Gigs using the Gigwalk iPhone App.

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