Now Get Daily Help From Digital Mother(SenseMother)

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Now Get Daily Help From Digital Mother(SenseMother)


Sense Mother is a new smart device that aims to make sense of data scattered around your daily life.

SenseMother have built an infrastructure to continuously collect data sent by connected devices.

Its platform processes the incoming data, interprets it on the fly, then continuously analyzes historical data in order to provide the end user with more and more smart services.

As with your real mother,SenseMother also cares about you and loves you.Yet this
Mother is programmable.

You decide what aspects of your life you want her to handle and she tunes to your current needs.

How It Works:

Mother’s multipurpose,autonomous sensors connect real-life actions,detecting and
understanding movements,temperature and more.

Small and slick, yet powerful with the exceptional ability to analyze,find patterns,learn and continuously readapt, turning everyday objects into something smart.

Sense Mother will send alerts and notifications about what is important to you or when something urgent occurs.

You can chose among several alert notification options from push notifications,text messages, emails, phone calls, sounds and light and Senseriver, a continuous real-time stream.

All the data that Mother watches over is placed on a Senseboard,the storybook of your life.

Browse through it to find trends,prioritized information,and statistics,and take action to change your behavior if necessary.

Mother will also protect your privacy.All data collected belongs to you.

Interesting Cookies:

The Motion Cookies are extremely versatile.They connect automatically to the application you assign to them.

Any given Cookie can serve for any application offered and affix to everyday
objects simply and quickly.

Cookies transmit data to the nearest Mother,but they don’t have to be housebound.Even with no Mother in sight, they have the capacity to memorize up to 10 days of data and upload it to the system as soon as they encounter a Mother.

Up to 24 Motion Cookies can be connected simultaneously to one Mother.

Best Part Is:

Unlike other devices that specialize in only one area, this Mother knows how to help you in many areas of your daily life: fitness, health, security, well-being and comfort. You decide how she can help simplify your life, ultimately helping you live better, healthier and happier.

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