Now Attend Your Business Call From Anyplace Via Talkroute

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Now Attend Your Business Call From Anyplace Via Talkroute


Talkroute is a cloud hosted PBX solution.Talkroute ProVoice does not replace your current phone service and does not require the internet (VoIP) to operate.

How It Works:

Choose a Talkroute ProVoice Plan that is right for you. Once you have chosen a TalkrouteProVoice Plan, you will be prompted to choose your phone number during your account setup.

Talkroute ProVoice gives you the ability to choose your NEW Phone Number and favorite area code. You may also choose to use your existing phone number.
When your calls are routed to your devices (Cellular, Home, or Office), ProVoicewill announce the call and what department the call is be routed from. For example, if you answer your Cellular Phone, you will first be prompted with a message such as, “Incoming call from Sales”.

You may then choose to accept the call, reject and send the call back to the Smart Hold, or send the call directly to Voicemail.

Best Part Is:

Talkroute ProVoice works with your existing cellular, home, and office phones.

You do not need to purchase any additional equipment or install software to operate ProVoice.

Talkroute is 100% cloud hosted and begins working immediately.

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