Now Any One Can Create His Own TV Channel Via iLookTv

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Now Any One Can Create His Own TV Channel Via iLookTv


iLOOKTV is a new startup that aims to let anyone create a TV channel accessible to millions of viewers on their TV and mobile screens.

These channels can generate revenue just like a traditional cable TV channel.

The service eliminates the need for set-tops and proprietary cable/satellite/telco networks; accommodates an unlimited number of channels; crowdsources channels, programs and commercials; and delivers video content to any screen.

How It Works:

For creating your own new TV channel, all you need to do is just downloads the white-label ChannelApp™ software from,optionally specifies a monetization method (such as subscription, VOD or TV commercials) and submits the ChannelApp to the Apple App Store as the channel owner’s own, branded mobile

After the app is published, the channel owner or the public can add video
content to the channel.

TV commercials submitted to ILOOKTV by advertisers are automatically and contextually inserted into TV channels that request them.

Revenue from TV commercials and channel subscriptions is forwarded to
channel owners and is automatically shared with video content providers.

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