Need Funding For PHd Projects? Then Try Eulergy

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Need Funding For PHd Projects? Then Try Eulergy

Looking for a great dissertation project? Interested in funding your PHD?

Then use Eulergy.

What Is Eulergy?

Eulergy gives students a new way to reach out to organizations from around the work to support their studies.

In Company’s Own Words:

Eulergy is an online matchmaking platform for research. All you need to do is type in the key words for what you’re looking for and then they will match you to an appropriate partner.

How It Works:

Register as a user and list your organisation. You can then Search for proposed projects by current students or post research project requests for students to get in contact with you.

Eulergy will also match students to organisations based on any biography information, searches performed, and research requests an organisation has posted.

You and the student are then free to agree on the project parameters and deliverables by both parties.

Students after signing up with your university email your able to browse projects from companies, charities, Governments and other universities.

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