Kytabu- Cheapest Textbook Rental Service

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Kytabu- Cheapest Textbook Rental Service


Kytabu is a textbook subscription application built to create the cheapest and most widely used form of text book access to middle and low income families in the growing economies of the world starting with Africa.

By using this platform one can access a book at 60% cheaper rate than other such services, users can rent textbooks on an hourly, weekly, monthly, school term or annual plan.

In Company’s Own Words:

Kytabu is a textbook encryption and subscription system that allows the purchase of books or chapters of books on a tablet through a mobile money transaction.

How It Works:

Kytabu encrypts textbooks from publishers and offers users the opportunity to purchase the books on a daily, weekly, monthly, (school) term or yearly basis at a much lower price.

With all the textbooks intergrated into the application, it would then be installed into the cheap Aakash tablet (or an equivalent) from India that retails (with subsidies) at an average of $40, and introduced to the market at $50 to $60.

The Kytabu application will also be available for any other tablet that can accomodate it and would also be available on app markets such as the Ipad App store and Android App market.

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