6 Beta Startups For SignUp

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6 Beta Startups For SignUp

6 Beta Startups For SignUp


Discover is new beta startup that aims to bring your social data with you at any place wherever you go.



eMidlife is a new startup that aims to help people handle their midlife crisis smartly.



Socialdeck aims to help you build custom facebook insights. With its solution you have the ability to select among 60+ page related metrics and produce over 9000+ unique page insights that truly represents your organization needs.

For using it all you need to do is just select the date range you need, then choose up to 3 different metrics and click analyze.

The engine will immediately request the data from facebook and represent the output in graph beneath the engine. Repeat the process for as many custom insights you need.



Skillmarket is a new beta startup that aims to help you find private tutor near your area.



Snitch aims to help you get instant notifications from within your apps or services by issuing simple http requests.

You issue an http request from your code with either event data or stats you want to track in JSON and it instantly appears in your Snitch app.

All kinds of settings are available like push notifications from certain apps or event types or disabling night time notifications.



WhenVisited is a fundraising initiative that encourages site owners to donate to non-profit organizations and reward Internet users for their support.

Nonprofits get money from the site owners every time web users visit their sites. Web users get special coupons for services and products. Site owners gain new, conscious customers. We made sure the situation is “win-win-win” for everybody.


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