5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals & Resolutions For 2014

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5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals & Resolutions For 2014

5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals & Resolutions For 2014



Noomii is website that helps you and a friend achieve your big goals in life.Noomii is an interactive web-based life management system that enables any two people to life coach each other.

Noomii develops technologies that uniquely facilitate the coaching experience through technology and human accountability.

To get started, you and your coaching partner simply sign up for a free Noomii account. Once you’re signed up, you each fill out your Wheel of Life using the simple Wheel of Life Wizard.

The Wheel of Life gives you a “big picture” look at your life in several areas – Family, Health, Money, Love, Fun & Recreation, Career, Friends, and Spirituality.

When that’s done, you then create a few goals for each of these life areas. Once you and your friend have each completed these simple steps, you’re ready to start pair coaching!



21habit is a new tool that would act like a watchdog for you.As it would help people to make or break habits.

All you need to do is just tell them what habit you want to make or break. This creates a 21-day challenge.



mySomeday is designed to help you achieve those goals and dreams you’ve always said you’d get to ‘Someday’. It was born from a universal truth; everyone has ‘somedays’ they want to realize. It was designed to address a universal reality; life, laziness or lack of know-how makes achievement elusive. ‘Plans’ are meant to address this gap between truth and reality.

Whether you build your own original Plan or copy and customize an existing Expert or Community Plan, this detailed roadmap is meant to get you from start to finish. With a Plan, you can track your progress, set reminders and deadlines, get feedback from the community and much more.



StickK is a web-based company that helps you achieve your personal goals through “Commitment Contracts.” You create a contract obliging you to achieve a specific goal within a specific time-frame.

By doing so, you put your reputation at stake.You may also choose to wager money to give yourself added incentive to succeed. If you do succeed, you get your money back.

If you fail, the money is forfeited to charity, or to one of several causes, or to a person of your choosing. stickK’s services are absolutely free.



Goalmigo is a social website that motivates people to reach their goals. The website offers a complete online system for setting, tracking, sharing, and achieving goals. Goalmigo gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Describe why you are pursuing this goal and how you will achieve it. Commit to your goal by letting friends and family know. Use Goalmigo groups to get support from users with similar goals. Track your progress and update your supporters regularly.

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