5 Promising Startups To LookOut For 2014

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5 Promising Startups To LookOut For 2014

5 Promising Startups To LookOut For 2014



Shapeways is the world’s leading 3D Printing marketplace that aims to help anyone to make, buy, and sell products with 3D Printing.

Shapeways only offers the highest quality digital manufacturing materials.

They use a variety of the latest in 3D printing techniques to ensure you a wide range of quality materials.

Each Shapeways material offers a unique combination of practical and aesthetic properties.

They do not provide direct design assistance. You can find lots of helpful people who are expert 3D modelers and designers at their Forum.

They also recommend the free software Netfabb for fixing models.



RelateIQ automatically tracks and analyzes the day-to-day interactions that drive professional relationships. Particularly useful for business development and sales, the platform will create a unified address book for your team, track activity by process or pipeline, and generate real-time relationship insight tailored to your workflow.

It also allows you to share information seamlessly, collaborating with your team to become more efficient.



Massrelevance is a real-time startup that aims to help you discover, filter and integrate unique social experiencesinto all of your media and marketing efforts.



Castlight Health engages employees with highly-personalized information on cost, quality, medical conditions, and treatments to help your employees make the best possible health care decisions.



Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology aims to deliver huge applications from the Cloud between 20x to 100x faster than downloads and execute them natively without installation.

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