5 Innovative Products At CES2014

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5 Innovative Products At CES2014

5 Innovative Products At CES2014



Sonostar SmartWatch is a new smartwatch which can be used for more than telling time.

With 1.73” curved touch screen and e-Paper display, which is similar to that of a basic Kindle e-reader, it works great even in bright sunlight.

Through its Bluetooth connection between the SmartWatch and your smartphone, it lets you check notifications of incoming calls, messages, e-mails and social networks, and uses the features of outdoor sports Apps readily.



HAL is a new smart device that uses voice control and hand gesture control technology to change the way you interact with your tv.

With HAL, you can change channels, record your favorite shows, stream a movie, update your Facebook feed, give you weather updates, browse the internet and so much more with only the sound of your voice.

HAL also supports hand gestures that allow you to select apps and move through the easy to navigate user interface.



TREWGrip is a handheld “rear-type” keyboard and air mouse for your mobile technology, smart TV and desktop.

The standard QWERTY key layout is split and rotated so the hands gripping TREWGrip can effectively touch-type in a mobile setting.



iLumi is a new led lightbulb which can lit wirelessly and controlled through your smart phone via its bluetooth technology.

Each ilumi has a 100 foot plus range, and multiple ilumi can communicate with one another through the wireless mesh to pass on commands and extend the signal range.

This allow a range extension to tens of thousands of square feet.



OneWheel is world’s first one-wheeled self balancing electric skateboard.

With its solid-state inertial sensors and algorithms balance the board around the wheel.

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