4 Beta Startups For SignUp

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4 Beta Startups For SignUp

4 Beta Startups For SignUp



Brucus is a new beta startup that allow your applications to communicate in near real-time without setting up complex backends or worrying about scaling.



Flickstore aims to help you create a store at no cost. All Fik Stores come with an included example.fikstore.com subdomain name.

In monthly paid plans you can use a domain that you purchase through a third party domain registrar.

It is easy to set up from their store administration area and their support team can help you get it done.



Javuapp is a new startup that aims to create a post with geofencing.

When you create a post via this apps, you also create a geofence in your location with a radius that you specify.

When your followers enter that same area, be it the next day or 5 years later, the text and/or photo you posted will automatically be pushed to their phone.



Kollekt is a new beta startup that aims to find and upload music from YouTube, SoundLoud and lastfm.

You can also create automatic playlists and streams from music on Facebook groups and pages.


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