Rent A Flat From Someone You Trust Via FlatClub

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Rent A  Flat From Someone You Trust Via FlatClub

Rent A Flat From Someone You Trust Via FlatClub


FlatClub is a new startup that aims to help you find a flat for rent from your alumni of universities or other same kind of people whom you can trust.

On FlatClub, you’ll be renting from your peers: other professionals and private citizens that you can trust.

FlatClub also provides you a private, free clubs. Clubs are comprised of verified members of organizations, employees of businesses, and students & alumni of top universities across the globe.

How It Works:

All you need to do is just search for a city where you want to live on rent, and they’ll find you a great place to stay.

When you’ve found the perfect flat for your short-term rental, send a booking request as soon as you can. You will enter in your payment details once you’ve sent the booking request, but you will not be charged at this time.

Now that your flat is sorted, you can start preparing for your trip. Once you reach the place then you can take some time to know your host and familiarize yourself with the flat.

FlatClub will hold on to your payment for 72 hours after you’ve checked in, so you can make sure you’re happy.

Best Part Is:

Flats on FlatClub provide vast space and room to breathe on streets where you want to live, not just wherever the hotel happened to be built. On FlatClub, you’ll be staying in the city, in the same kind of place and neighborhood you’d actually live in.

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