Make A Free Conference Call Via Speek

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Make A Free Conference Call Via Speek

Now anybody can make a free conference call anywhere in world from their smartphone.


Through Speek.

What Is Speek?

Speek is a new startup that aims to help you make a conference call free from any smartphone.

By using this startup you can also take and share notes with other conference call participants in real time.

Search by keyword to retrieve notes in your call history.

Easy To Use:

First of all you need to choose a personalized Speek link (i.e., for your conference calls.

Then you can just click on the Speek link, enter your phone number (even Skype numbers work) and click “Start this call” to have Speek call you.

Best Part Is:

You can share your Speek link by email, calendar invite, instant message, text message or any way you like.

Other good part is that your guests don’t have to be registered for Speek to join a call.

More at:

StartUPS ,

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