Do Free Shipping Through Facebook Friends Via Friendshipper

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Do Free Shipping Through Facebook Friends Via Friendshipper


Friendshippr is a social utility for friend to friend shipping. It’s simply a platform for you to connect with your friends for the purpose of shipping.

How It Works:

This app work by broadcasting your shipping request to your Facebook connections in a more effective way.

It helps match your request with the people in your network that are most likely to accommodate the favor.

Friendshippr works with your 1st degree friends on Facebook, and they may help forward your request to one of their friends.

That means that when you post a shipping request, you may get access up to your 2nd degree friend network on Facebook.

Since Friendshippr only works for your existing Facebook connections, you have a certain degree of visibility on who’s who.

Best Part Is:

You are never under any obligation to carry something you’re not totally comfortable with, or not sure about.

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