Devizan Will Help You To Manage Dev Projects From Any Place

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Devizan Will Help You To Manage Dev Projects From Any Place


Devizan is a new cloud based startup that aims to help you collaborate, monitor and communicate with your developers from any place in world (for coding your software projects).

You can use the history functionality to estimate how long your developers are spending on each document or project.

Its solution logs all edits, so you can see the edit pattern. Once you have seen a few of these patterns you will know whether your developer is working or not. Plus, if you have a doubt you can look at his work at any point in time.

How It Works:

The Devizan ID has several different ways for you and your developers to collaborate together. The first is that they can all modify a document at the same time.

Devizan does not have the usual check in check out policies that many revision control systems have.

Instead, the much more advanced Devizan system allows for all developers to work on the same file together.

If there is a special reason to have a separate branch, then the developer can copy the page to work on, but it is rare that this is needed.

Another great thing about this method is that you can always see how far your developers have progressed, but often more important, the other developers can see too.

So everyone in your project will be on the same page!

The second way that Devizan promotes project collaboration is through the project chat in the ID. This allows all developers to speak their mind.

The third way your developers can collaborate is by using the To Do List. This is a really good way to communicate what needs to be finished to other developers (and to you).

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