8 Intelligent Ways To Shop Online

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8 Intelligent Ways To Shop Online

8 Intelligent Ways To Shop Online



Dealosaurs searches for the discounts on many popular products, services and events.

With Dealosaurs you can browse all best deals through a variety of cities in one location.

Once you select a deal, you will be taken to the actual site from which you can purchase the product, service or event tickets.

All deals come at lower prices based on more people purchasing the products, so please let all of your friends know about Dealosaurs.com. Dealosaurs is just not a listing of deals, but a guide which will assist you in enjoying your life with over spending for fun.



Pricedropalert would help you to add products into your Alert list. You will get an email when that product is available at a cheaper price.

First of all, find the products which you want to get alert of (they are tracking 38million products) and then just click on set alert link on their site. After doing this just enter your name and email address. And now you’re ready to use the site .Just check your email box and find the cheapest items available in the market.



ShoppingNotes.com is shopping bookmark powered with price watch engine. It is one central place to save all your favorite products you find anywhere on the Internet, and their powerful price watch engine can alert you whenever your favorite products change prices.

ShoppingNotes.com is for people who do any kinds of on-line shopping. It is like browser’s “Favorites” for shopping.


Auction Alerts

Auction Alerts is a new alert platform that notifies of auctions on eBay that you specifiy that you want.

Members create alerts with the max price you would pay for an item and they let you know when an auction exists below that price.

All you need to do is sign up to get started. Once your account is verified, you can start creating alerts to monitor for deals on eBay.



Addoway is a new marketplace (social commerce) where shoppers buy from their friends and the merchants they trust. In simpler words, this site aims to sell and buy through your trusted friends.

Click buy now, enter your zip code and then click review Order. The next page confirms your information and if correct just Pay Now. You can also negotiate with a seller if they turned that option on.



The “My Local Walmart” Facebook application will provide locally-relevant information on everything from new electronics to hot Rollbacks, as well as continue to illustrate the brand’s commitment to creating a deeper relationship with people in the communities it serves.

For using “My Local Walmart” page, Facebook users should visit facebook.com/Walmart then click on the “My Local Walmart” tab. They will then be prompted to input their zip code, “Like” their favorite stores, and click “I’m Ready” to begin receiving the latest local store information. Facebook users’ newsfeeds will be updated approximately twice a week.



Pago is a free mobile application that allows you to browse, order and pay for local goods and services. To locate businesses, download the apps using your smartphone.

The application prompts you to select a city. Once you’ve selected your city, a list of venues will be available sorted by alphabetical order.

For using it, all you have to do is just select your city, choose your venue, select goods or services and place your order.Once you’ve filled out your order, click the ‘Next’ prompt. Once there you will be able to change the gratuity or click ‘Next’ again.

You can complete the order by selecting your payment type. You will be notified once your order has been processed.

Then merchant receives your order information and confirms that the order has been processed and paid for.Now you can pick up your items by showing your receipt .



Best Buy is one of the best options to buy anything from HDTVs, laptops, digital cameras and more will be on sale.

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