5 Interesting Apps To Download On Your Smartphones

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5 Interesting Apps To Download On Your Smartphones

5 Interesting Apps To Download On Your Smartphones



MooMle is a startup that aims to forwards every text to your email. For every incoming SMS you will also receive an email from a fake emai address [SENDER_NUMBER]@moomle.biz.

If you answer to the e-mail you will make your smartphone reply with a text to the sender.

You can also start a new conversation writing an email to [NUMBER]@moomle.biz, this way your mobile phone will send an SMS.

If both the sender and the receiver are MooMle users and are both online the message is free.


Falcon Expenses

Falcon Expenses is the only fully mobile iPhone solution for expense tracking automation, there is no need to go to a desktop.

By using this apps you can auto-track mileage, accurately scan receipts and log billable hours.

You can save time and money using Falcon Expenses to organize expenses into reports that can be emailed to anyone in PDF or spreadsheet formats, all from your phone.


Project Management

Project Management is a new apps that aims to track and view the health of your projects online. With stunning charts and tables, this Project Management apps will help you keep projects on track at all times.

Its Project Planner feature offers you all of the Microsoft Project features for managing tasks, and much more.

You can build a new task list, schedule your tasks, allocate resources and monitor progress all from your smartphone.



Animoby is a new app that aims to help you create quality presentations using voice and a variety of design tools (draw, paint, type, image), and publish or share via e-mail.

Animations are created when users pick a tool and simply touch the screen, and voice can accompany designs by the press of the record button.



With ServiceFox you can say good-bye to lengthy check-in processes and mile long forms to fill out. Now with a couple of taps and the snap of a camera, both parties can have a trackable ticket on their mobile devices, pre-populated with everyone’s contact information and the work to be performed.

ServiceFox will notify both parties as the ticket is updated, on either side, with changes in status to the work order, questions, comments or other important information.

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