5 Beta Startups For SignUp

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5 Beta Startups For SignUp

5 Beta Startups For SignUp



QwickDial is a new beta startup that aims to help you send a single message and receive multiple quotes for business.



Hagglr makes it easy to invite a group of friends to a product page. Invite your friends to buy together, see who else is buying, and have a private discussion with your friends.

Hagglr works with platforms like shopify, magento, volusion, etc. and can be integrated on any website, no coding required.



Greenbuyz is a new beta startup that aims to help you buy,sell and repair all makes of laptops, smartphones, and tablets which includes iphones, ipods, ipads, and macs.

If you live within a local area then they will pick your device up and drop it off after repair. You can even ship it to them with a prepaid shipping label.



TheCurrency is a new startup that aims to help community to talk about bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and the future of money.


The Probability Post

The Probability Post gives you the confidence to trade in an unpredictable market. Offering each day the probabilities of tomorrow’s potential movements in the S&P 500.
including the potential for a gap opening up or down, the probability of a higher or lower closing price, and the probability of a higher high or a lower low.

The Probability Post provides a stand alone system with the optimized stops or compliments current system to enhance your trading success.


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