4 Upcoming Startups

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4 Upcoming Startups

4 Upcoming Startups



Neuoogle is a new change based search tool. By using this startup, all you need to do is just enter your searches into Neuoogle and then let their server do all the work of searching and filtering new results.



Sleepora is the safe, effective, natural, medicine free way to help you improve your quality of sleep by helping you get back into balance with your natural sleep cycle.

Sleepora has been designed specifically for anyone who suffers from insomnia, sleeplessness and even milder stress and anxiety.

It’s unique in that it combines proven, effective methods for improving sleep and reducing stress in a comprehensive, easy to use program with any time access.



TriplAgent is a new startup that aims to help you find like minded local experts who can provide you all info about the city or places you visits or plan to travel.



With Recurify you can turn any order, from any webshop you like to use into a recurring order.


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