Six Smart Ways To Learn Anything Online

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Six Smart Ways To Learn Anything Online

Six Smart Ways To Learn Anything Online


Altair Prep

Altair Prep is an online SAT tutoring service that connects students with the top tutors in the country via their virtual learning environment.

Students interact with their adaptive curriculum and end with an average of a 320 point score increase



Mangosense is a new startup that aims to create a fun filled learning platform.

Mangosense aims to take the learning to a whole new level by enhancing the content with videos, audio and realtime quizzes to name a few.

While using Mangosense you can also highlight books, take notes, share and collaborate with a group, all of this without getting off your seat!


Harness Handitouch

Harness Handitouch is an educational technology start-up that is creating a new learning operating system calledTouch-on-Cloud, which aims to combined power of human and digital content.



ShowMe is a global learning community – a place where anyone can learn or teach anything.

ShowMe is a great way for you to quickly create explanations of concepts, then share them with anyone you want.



TalkChalk allows teachers, parents, students, and administrators to interact with each other through Facebook safely on its secure application.

With TalkChalk, you can securely send messages to an individual student, parent, class, or the entire school community.



Tutorspree is the easiest way to find a private tutor. Whether you’re looking for help with middle school reading comprehension, AP science courses, college level statistics, or computer programming, Tutorspree has a standing by.

Their tutors are professional teachers, test prep gurus, writers, grad students, language instructors, and educators with years of tutoring experience.Each of their tutors undergoes Tutorspree’s internal screening process and a background check.

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