How to Generate Sales Online for Small Business (Web Marketing)

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How to Generate Sales Online for Small Business (Web Marketing)

How to Generate Sales Online for Small Business (Web Marketing)

Working online nowadays is a big challenge, you have so many competitors that getting attention and generating new customers (sales) is almost impossible.

In our own 5 years of experience working online with more than 2.500.000 unique visitors a month we urgently suggest focusing on the following sources of sales:

1) Facebook – Organic (no Ads): You need to have a strong presence in Facebook, but not as Cola-Cola, you need to focus on your community, having “friends” and “followers” that are or could be potential clients. Reaching them is the important goal.

Facebook Ads are great because you can target specific people in your neighborhood, of specific age, etc. but this is very expensive. We will suggest to start using Facebook Ads to growth your community and followers online and them start using promotions with focus on viral campaigns. For example: “Recommend a friend an will a free Pizza” or “Like our Page on Facebook and have the opportunity or winning a T-shirt”.

Now Facebook is working on Search too, with Facebook Open Graph, so be aware of the new opportunities.

2) Google – SEO (no SEM): First, please take your time and start learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you can rank on the first place, organic results, without paying to generate new customers and sales online. A good source to start with is SEOMOZ Community that is free and has experts on SEO.

We do not suggest to use Search Engine Marketing, that are the Ads that your will see in the Google results. You need to pay for those customers. We do not say that this is an excellent tool, but if you are a Small Business you do not have the budget to compete with Geico Insurance, Nike, Starbucks or McDonald. You can pay up to 50 dollars for only one Click.

Instead, you can focus on your niche and organically rank in the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo search results with your Family Store like we do with our Startup Start by defining your target keywords like: “Pizza in San Diego California” or “Music Store in Miami Florida”.

Note: You can use Google Places to also generate more sales with customers looking for a service in Google Maps or also in the results or Google Search were your store will have a map reference.

3) Newsletter – Partnerships (no Spam): Emails are not easy at all, but you can find an excellent goldmine if you take your time and look for a great partner.

For example, we are an aggregator of car insurance in Latin América so we take our time and talk with all the online classifieds in the region. We finally partner with the biggest one but more important, the more serious and respectful company. You do not want to SPAM new users.

4) YouTube / LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest:

The last source of sales that we try and have a good CTR is YouTube In-Stream Video Ads, they are not expensive (less than 0,90 u$s) and have a 16,8% conversion rate. Also, we are now working on generation videos for YouTube organic search (that is the second search engine after Google).

Another interesting opportunity, if you want to make sales in a B2B business, always remember that LinkedIn is the best Social Network source for professionals / companies. For example, in a startup if you are building a marketplace, in one hand you have the end user / customer / client and in the other hand you always have companies (remember about Linkedin).

In the last months we have been in meetings with companies that are using Pinterest to generate more sales online, specially jewelers, interior designers and luxury clothing. Pinterest help in reaching new customers through images that can show their work. One image worth more than a thousand words.

Finally, Twitter and a huge community of followers. Nowadays brands are paying Britney Spears or Ashton Kutcher to tweet about their services or products. We don’t need to pay these peoples to speak about us but we can find great friends around us that will help us spreading the word about what we do.

Note: Also start using Google Plus, it helps a lot with organic search results.

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