8 Useful Accelerator Platform For Starups

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8 Useful Accelerator Platform For Starups

8 Useful Accelerator Platform For Starups

Y Combinator

Y Combinator does seed funding for startups.Y Combinator make small investments (rarely more than $20,000) in return for small stakes in the companies they fund (usually 2-10%).

Y Combinator has a novel approach to seed funding: they fund startups in batches. There are two each year, one from January through March and one from June through August.

During each cycle they fund multiple startups. Applying for funding is also different at Y Combinator. Instead of submitting a business plan or making a slide presentation, you just fill out an application form.

They invite the most promising groups to meet us in person, and they make funding decisions immediately afterward.

Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is a global network of startups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring technology companies.

Through their four month idea-stage incubator program, you can launch your dream company with expert training, feedback, and support from experienced startup CEOs, while not being required to quit your day job.

Their unique Bonus Pool also shares equity upside with all participants, creating local, teamwork-based ecosystems where great startups can flourish.


TechStars is one of the most famous startup accelerator in the world. They only take about ten companies per program.

Its companies get seed funding from over 75 different venture capital firms and angel investors who are vested in their success, along with three months of intensive top-notch mentorship, incredible perks, and the chance to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program.


Rock Health is the first seed-accelerator exclusively for health startups. Rock Health’s mission is to accelerate the funding and growth of high potential entrepreneurs in health.

Rock Health aims to provide capital, office space, mentorship, and operational support to high-potential entrepreneurs working on ideas in health.

Rock Health’s advisory board includes Frank Moss, head of the New Media Medicine group at the MIT Media Lab, and Michael Abbott, VP of Engineering at Twitter. Startup mentors include Charles Huang, co-founder of GuitarHero, and Linda Avey, co-founder of 23andMe.


One Million by One Million (1M/1M) is a global initiative to nurture a million entrepreneurs to each reach a million dollars in annual revenue.

The One Million by One Million program consists of a comprehensive set of tools and services for $1000 annual membership fee.

The fee includes the assessment tool, and also has an extensive curriculum (core and electives).


Greenstart provides seed funding, mentoring, and connections with fellow entrepreneurs and investors in order to give startups an advantage in launching the cleantech ideas of tomorrow.Greenstart aims to help more than 500 cleantech startups launch more successfully over the coming years.

Accepted entrepreneurs will receive $25,000 in investment funding, comprehensive mentoring and networking, and introductions to leading cleantech angel and venture capital investors at the end of the program. Greenstart will receive a 3-10% stake in each company they enlist.


The Kairos Society is an international, student-run, not-for-profit foundation based in the United States.

Kairos fosters a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship by engaging their diverse fellows with a variety of industry and thought leaders surrounding a wide range of global challenges.

Kairos fellows strive to develop meaningful ventures that create value for the global economy while improving the lives of billions of people around the world.

The Kairos 50 (K50) annually recognizes the world’s most innovative ventures started by university students.

This distinguished list is made up of diverse ventures with the ability to change the world through innovation in education, clean energy, healthcare, technology, commerce, and more.


MassChallenge is the largest-ever startup accelerator, and the first to support high-impact, early-stage entrepreneurs with no strings attached.

MassChallenge is a 3-month accelerator program with a world-class mentorship and training, free office space, access to funding, media and more.

MassChallenge uses a competition framework to facilitate their accelerator program instead of an investment program. Experts from the startup community act as volunteer judges.

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