5 Most Useful iPad Apps To DownLoad

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5 Most Useful iPad Apps To DownLoad

5 Most Useful iPad Apps To DownLoad


Kindoma is a new iPad apps that aims to build a magical place where kids of all ages talk and play together with their loved ones.

This apps aims to connect families that live apart and to give them an easy and intimate way to share.


OrganiDoc HD is a new iPad apps that aims to provide you a wonderful way to browse docs, pics, videos in different user interface.

OrganiDoc HD even integrate popular internet cloud disks such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, box, Soonr, ASUS WebStorage, SugarSync, iCloud…etc. So, now you can manage all your files scattering in different storages into one app.


Device locator is a new application that can be used to locate a misplaced iPhone or for family members to see each other’s locations.

To track your family members, the app must be installed on the target each person’s iPhone, iPad or iPod.


Soundnotes is a new apps that aims to help you record voice recordings and pin the recordings at any place on the notes.

This helps while taking meeting recordings, class lectures, conversations with customers along with handwritten or typed notes.


EarthBuzz is the most beautiful and fun interactive social weather application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

EarthBuzz builds upon a high-tech virtual earth engine, and adds a compelling interactive visual and social experience to the task of checking current weather conditions, weather forecasts and global geological events.

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