Now Buy Any Goods Directly From Farmers Through Plovgh

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Now Buy Any Goods Directly From Farmers Through Plovgh


Plovgh is a way to place orders for unique, freshly harvested, and responsibly produced goods from independent farmers.

Plovgh orders are usually harvested within 24 hours of getting to you, which means vegetables are ripening in the field, fruit is ripening on the tree, and the chickens you ordered are still pecking in the farmyard.

The quality of goods coming from responsibly-managed, independent producers is different because of production practices that take into account an ecosystem, not just a supply chain. You only have to taste this stuff once to know.

How It Works:

Through the Plovgh network, farmers reach broader markets and people get the best of the harvest right in their neighborhoods.

Through Plovgh, producers receive 80-90 cents of every dollar you spend (versus the 19 cents they receive in a typical wholesale supply chain – shameful!).

The marketing, merchandising, transporting, and transacting all happen digitally on Plovgh, so producers can focus on providing you with high-quality goods.

Through Plovgh, both small and large producers reach a broader market. By pre-ordering from the farms, you help pack their trucks with an assured harvest. That is the beginning of the change we want to see.

Best Part Is:

Plovgh doesn’t take inventory, keep warehouses, or own trucks. Instead, they organize capacity to match what the farms have with what you request.

As seasons change, so does the selection. Depending on the day certain farms go to market, you’ll see different products available to you. And because there’s no harvesting of unsold product, you’re getting food that was picked specifically for you.

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