Get On Demand Car With Drivers Everywhere Through Project100

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Get On Demand Car  With Drivers Everywhere Through Project100


Project 100 is a new transportation system designed to let you get rid of your car and be more connected to your neighborhood — all for less than the monthly cost of traditional car ownership.

Project100 includes on-demand cars with drivers, shared cars you can drive yourself, bike sharing, shuttle buses and more.

Based on your answers, your membership level and supply and demand, they can offer you a set of options, including vehicles that can pick you up and vehicles and bikes available to drive within a guaranteed amount of time that’s consistent.

For example, you will always know that if you are in the residential zone and want to get to the Downtown zone, you can be picked up at your door within ten minutes.

Easy To Use:

All you need to do is just open an app so they know where you are and tell them what zone you want to travel to.

With that information they’ll give you a set of options, for example, 1 – Be picked up by a driver in a Tesla in 3 minutes, 2 – Drive yourself in a low range electric vehicle that’s 0.2 miles away, 3 – Grab a bike that’s 0.1 miles away or 4 – Hop on the party bus that will be near you in 4 minutes.

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