Tempo( Smart Calender) Finds Everything You Need To Be Prepared For Day

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Tempo( Smart Calender) Finds Everything You Need To Be Prepared For Day

Now you don’t have to move out of your calendar and into contacts to search for attendees’ details.


Because Tempo can perform such task easily.

What Is Tempo?

Tempo is a new artificial intelligence based smart calendar startup that aims to help organize your day and prepare you for what’s next.

Tempo Smart Calendar is like having a personal assistant prepare for what’s next – not only providing the right information, but anticipating and understanding what a user intends to do with it.

How It Works:

The Tempo Smart Calendar analyzes data from a user’s mobile calendar and applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance meetings and events throughout the day.

It finds and neatly organizes everything needed to be fully prepared, such as contacts, emails, and related documents, and puts them in context. In a single tap, anyone can complete common tasks, saving time and reducing stress.

With details in the event summary, it is simple to quickly find information, eliminating the issue of hunting around other apps, email or the browser while trying to complete a simple task such as finding a meeting agenda or someone’s phone number.

Best Part Is:

Tempo will fill in the gaps and suggest locations, contacts, emails and documents, even if only minimal details are added to meetings and events.

It also learns your patterns and behaviors to constantly optimize your smart calendar experience over time.

More at:http://tempo.ai/

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