DropTag Shows What’s Happened To A Parcel in Transit

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DropTag Shows What’s Happened To A Parcel in Transit


Drop Tag is a new startup that aims to provide real-time information about the status of packages that’s been sent via courier or cargo companies.

In Company’s Own Words:

DropTag is a simple, low-cost sensor platform that shows what’s happened to a parcel in transit – for example, if the box has been mistreated, the app immediately indicates this on your smartphone in form of alerts.

Easy To Use:

DropTag can be remotely interrogated at any stage of the delivery process – with a maximum range of about 50m indoors.

So as a parcel is moved around a warehouse or carried in the back of a van, smart handsets could remotely and automatically check the package at each stage of its journey – reporting the status back to headquarters and so allowing an early proactive response to any incident.

This local connectivity capability provides a range of tracking possibilities – for example, the location of the parcel can be verified in real time if it is transmitting to a GPS-enabled smart handset.

And boxes need no longer be individually scanned at logistics checkpoints. Smart connected ‘gateway’ zones within warehouses could perform this role automatically, establishing the condition and location of each parcel remotely as it passes through from one area of the warehouse to another.

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