VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

Top Totty

Top Totty is a new startup that aims to find and rate local pubs, bars and clubs based on the attractiveness of their guests.

All you need to do is just position the map over your destination and select ‘Update Totty’ to locate all the local pubs and clubs.

Cruise Control

Cruise Control is a new app that aims to help runners. Cruise Control automatically pulls “good running songs” from the music already on the runner’s phone into the app and operates in several modes.

During the run you just need to synchronize your steps with the sound, almost like you’re dancing.

The tempo of the sound is automatically adjusted so that you reach your running goal, assuming that you can keep up.


iCouch is a new startup that aims to provide online counseling through online video or even chat sessions. Sessions can be cancelled with at least 48 hours notice.

Session credits are not refundable and any session cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will not be subject to rescheduling — counselors may reschedule if they choose, however they are not required to do so. The reason this policy is so strict is to ensure that counselors are have available times for everyone.

Beta Startups For Signup

Easy HR is a new beta startup that aims to manage the Human Capital of an Organization.

It provides intuitive employee records, leaves, expenses, payroll, knowledge management, making it very easy to manage.


Gibbon is a community for people who want to learn. Gain knowledge in any field by following learn streams containing articles, books and video’s. Create your own streams to share your expertise.

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