VisionWiz’s Weekly Roundup Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly Roundup Posts

VisionWiz’s Weekly Roundup Posts


Grokr is a personalized search and discovery application that offers the easiest way to get relevant content that really matters to you.

Grokr continually understands your likes, interests, location and brings you content just when you need it, anywhere you are.

Grokr can learn your tastes. You can teach Grokr what you like by going to the “My Accounts” section under the main menu and adding topics interest and news sources. Based on this information, Grokr will discover great content tailored just for you.


Tipspedia is a new app that aims to provide timely solutions, ideas and valuable tips when you need them the most.

Whatever may be the tone of the situation, Tipspedia will provide that valuable piece of advice so as to take a better decision.

By using this platform you can get immediate access to all the ideas on the go which will help in choosing the correct alternative.

The app is nothing short of a lifeline for those who are constantly on the move and have little access to people for getting reliable information against various topics.


Tutorspree is the easiest way to find a private tutor. Whether you’re looking for help with middle school reading comprehension, AP science courses, college level statistics, or computer programming, Tutorspree has a standing by.

Their tutors are professional teachers, test prep gurus, writers, grad students, language instructors, and educators with years of tutoring experience.Each of their tutors undergoes Tutorspree’s internal screening process and a background check.


Parablu helps you create your own personal cloud where all your files are synced, with complete security and privacy.

You have access to your data anytime, anywhere.

5. is a personal recommendations platform offering you the quickest and simplest way to notify other people about pages they might enjoy, as well as to get personal tips about interesting content.With, letting some of your friends know about interesting page or a nice video will be faster than ever before!

Either paste a link within or use the button straight from the page you are visiting to ping to any combination of your e-mail contacts and other users.

Most importantly, all the communication within is targeted, so you’re free to pick people who you think will be genuinely interested in this specific content. This means less social digital noise, and more relevant recommendations.

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