Access Unlimited Course Textbooks Via Flooved

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Access Unlimited Course Textbooks Via Flooved


Flooved is a new startup that aims to help you get unlimited amount of texts books, study materials, and study notes to get you better degree and reduce your textbook costs.

Easy To Use:

All you need to do is just sign up and get access to a vast collection of academically vetted textbooks, journals, lecture notes, past exam papers and videos.

As a teacher or academician you can upload your own content – share with just your class or with the whole world and get recognition for the quality of your content.

Ensure your students have access to the best online vetted academic material, without them or you having to pay anything (except a very small amount for published textbooks).

All content is structured and curate to complement existing degree courses.

Best Part Is:

Publishers of text books can also access its analytic tool to understand how students engage with their content, through their own live dashboard.

By using live dashboard publishers can keep control over their content and decide exactly how students can use it.

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