VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

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VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts

VisionWiz’s Weekly RoundUp Posts


Prot-On is an application that allows you to protect, manage and track the use of all kinds of files that are shared on the Internet, by e-mail or through a cloud service.

Prot-On is very easy to use. Just download the application and create an account.

With the application installed you can protect your documents and manage access permissions through a management panel accessible at any time and from any device.

Best Place To Find Best Traders & Supplier For Small Business

Globial is a business networking platform that is committed to helping small businesses engage in global trade more easily and with greater trust.

Their platform combines research tools, networking capabilities, and user created content.

Exam PAL

Exam PAL is a new app that aims to find you date and information for any exam currently awarded by AQA, CCEA Edexcel, OCR and WJEC examination boards at all levels.

Exam PAL is a must have application for all students who are studying subjects at GCSE , GCE (AS) , GNVQ, VCE (A2) , ELC , AEA , FSMQ , STEP levels, SAT, PSAT, ACT, CLEP, NMSQT, AP and IBAC.


Best Customer Support & Online Helpdesk Services

Hot Help Desk software is a free online help desk for customer support service, trouble ticket management and email management.

It’s a 100% web-based help desk system which can be accessed from any browser, with no plug-ins, no client maintenance and no client updates.

Your customers can create and update tickets via online web based form or through email easily, so technicians are able to track the history of support requests from inception to resolution, including routing, ownership and transfers.



Pintrips is a new startup that aims to help you find and pin flights like pinterest.

You can search your favorite and trusted sites from across the internet and pin flights to your Pintrips’ dashboard.

You can display an unlimited amount of flights on your dashboard, each trip will get its own dashboard within the main dashboard.

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